Web Analytics contribute to the most important part of performing quantitative research in a Conversion Optimization process.

Google has free tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to perform the quantitative analysis. There are also other tools like Kissmetrics that can do a similar job. But in this article, I will be sharing about the Google tools only.

Google Analytics for Conversion Research

Google Analytics has an amazing amount of data and reports to analyze the page for conversion optimization. Some of the most important things to know and analyze are

Site content

This report gives information about the individual pages and the metrics to understand…

If you are creating a product, you are not creating it for everyone. You need to know who your users are to improve your product and tailor it to their needs. User Research also called Design Research, UX Research or Product Design Research is a process used to understand the needs, beliefs, and behaviors of the users to identify the problems and design opportunities in order to improve the product.

How is User Research Performed?

Talking to the right people is the most important thing in user research for building better products. Tools and techniques make it simple and achievable. It focuses on understanding users’…

A good Conversion Rate Optimization Process starts with a good amount of research. Before diving into research techniques let’s see a situation I encountered recently.

  • The sales team from an SEO tool company finds me and asks if I would like to schedule a call to know their tool.
  • Takes details of the tools I currently use for my work.
  • Calls me on the scheduled day where I was waiting to know more about the tool.
  • Wants me to straightaway go for a free trial and was ready to answer questions after my trial.

Of course, I have a lot…

Have you had any experience of clicking an ad on a search results page that took you to the website, and you decided to come off it to look for another option for reasons unknown? I have experienced this many times without giving myself the time to analyze, when I could actually benefit from the site/page. As a marketer or a business owner, this is why you need to understand how neuroscience affects decision making and focus on creating the best landing page experience that would give the human brain a great experience in the conversion funnel.

This is Kiruba…

I am Kiruba Sekaran, a Search Engine Optimizer and I’m curious to learn new things every day. Although I have been coming across conversions and conversion rates every day in my SEO reports, I always felt that I need to learn the fine techniques that CRO Specialists use. SEO and CRO seem to be dealing with many common things like copywriting, but CRO is completely about giving the users a great experience inside the website, an experience that persuades them to drive conversions. …

Kiruba Sekaran

SEO and Web Analytics Enthusiast

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